Why We Are Different

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One day, whenever anyone contemplates a trip around Greece for an overnight stay or meeting, for business or pleasure, they will always ask themselves: ‘Is there an eTravelhotel or restaurant at my destination?

It pays to have friends,Travel catalog, tourist guide, catalogue,etravel.grIT PAYS TO HAVE FRIENDS. TRAVEL FOR LESS.

Not just navigating through our extensive hotels and restaurants destinations. Refer other travelers or business owners to eTravel and get discount coupons and rewards for your next booking or subscription. Give your friends the scoop on eTravel rewards. And give yourself a bonus. Refer new premium members and get great deals. Additionally, the eTravel Referral Program gives you the chance to travel for less and earn Travel Credits from every person you refer and proceed to a booking with us!


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Travel has so much to teach. Our listing is focused on small and medium sized hotels and restaurants and is designed to incorporate meaningful activities and experiences so that you learn something new. All of our accommodation and entertainment listings include an integrated booking system to establish a holistic reservation solution.

Custom greece hotels-restaurants,Travel catalog, tourist guide, catalogue,etravel.grCUSTOM-TAILORED LISTINGS

With our flexible, reliable and cost efficient packages, business owners of small and medium sized hotels and restaurants can customize their business description to better suit their needs or build a brand new listing from scratch. Also, eTravel users can compare and select among thousands of accommodation and gastronomic destinations in Greece according to their budget and needs.

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We are travelers and we know the local market. We’ve been also coordinating travel programs for many years so you can take comfort knowing that decades of knowledge and expertise will be available to you throughout your on-line journey.

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We take pride in editing and publishing local guides who have been carefully-selected to establish the highest confidence for your accommodation or gastronomic choice. In addition to their travel focus, they are also trained to deal with innovative marketing and promotional strategies in order to attract customers and establish longevity for your business. You will find them to be attentive to your concerns and possessing a deep love of the accommodation and gastronomic destinations in Greek islands and mainland.

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eTravel’s motivation is the satisfaction of each of our visitors and Premium users. We are proud to have the best professionals in our team who have been trained to guarantee excellent services. Their commitment and constant dedication is highly valued by our guests and clients.

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We promote your property through 14.000 professional associates and 5.000 travel agencies in Europe and around the world. We also use innovative Email-Marketing and Promotional Strategies to attract traveler’s attention and increase your business profits.